Saturday | January 20, 2018
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Your Views for September 10

Chung’s sour grapes

Councilman Aaron Chung’s Sept. 6 letter (Tribune-Herald, Your Views) is one long whine. He spent the first two-thirds of it complaining about the mayor’s gym decision and then admits everything he did was legal and by the book (Chung spent a lot of time making himself look oh-so-noble, too).

Only in the last third does he admit what gave him a wedgie. Mayor Harry Kim didn’t inform (kowtow) the County Council (horrors!). His quote, “We are the body vested with the responsibility of making or changing laws,” is pompous flatulence.

The mayor is not “making or changing laws,” he’s enforcing regulations already on the books.

Chung also deplores not consulting with the Merrie Monarch office. Why should he? Even though he admits the mayor gave them almost a full year to make plans.

He ignores other realities, too. During the day, the gym is full of kids wide awake under supervision, not asleep in the dark. And if there was a fire (with injuries), who is going to get sued? The county — for a “bazillion” dollars.

Chung pumps himself up for “having a positive attitude.” His letter was just sour grapes from some ignored politician.

William Wade


Toss Stiglich

You have done it again. This time, your Stiglich cartoon libels educators for no reason whatever.

Let’s make something clear. Despite Stiglich, America’s educators teach respect for differences. Despite Stiglich, America’s teachers are not leftists, unless (like Stiglich) you use that term for anyone not a swastika-waving Nazi.

And despite Stiglich, neither T-shirt would get any kid in trouble — except, of course, with bigots like Stiglich. Get him out of this paper!

Dan Lindsay


Good care at HMC

I recently had surgery at Hilo Medical Center and then spent two days in recovery in the surgical/pediatric unit.

I want to report that every person I met — from admissions to discharge, from the anesthesia team who knocked me out, to the physical therapy folks who got me back up on my feet, from the guy who emptied my trash can, to the skilled nurses who cared for me (angels, every single one of them) and monitored my vitals obsessively — was unfailingly kind, helpful, efficient, professional, empathetic and worked with a fierce attention to detail. Even the food was not half bad.

None of that was a surprise. What was a surprise to me were the number of people who, in the months prior to surgery, urged me to go to Honolulu instead, saying that Hilo just can’t compare to The Queen’s Medical Center or Straub Medical Center, that “everyone knows” that Oahu is the place to go for medical treatment, and that — my favorite — “you’ll never come out alive.”

Well, I am in fact alive and well and here to tell you, good people of East Hawaii, that we have a gem of a medical facility in our own backyard.

Although I hope not see you again for a long while, I thank you, Hilo Medical Center staff, for such good care.

Cindy Woolverton



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