Thursday | December 14, 2017
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Your Views for November 19

Invasive threat

I just finished reading Mr. John Atwell’s long letter (Your Views, Tribune-Herald, Nov. 17) and cannot help responding.

The “theft” of rocks and sand by tourists seems a benign crime, not worthy of resources for enforcement. Any attempt at enforcement, either with tourists or locals, would surely result in bad press and anger.

Meanwhile, our bags are checked on the way out of Hawaii; they should be checked on the way in, to help with our massive invasive species problem.

We have much bigger enforcement issues to implement, and I suspect Madame Pele will keep us supplied with rocks and sand for a long time, but if we let invasive species take over, rocks and sand will be all we have left.

Laura Buck


Mean rulers

I’m a Vietnam War veteran. I’m a Marine. I served 1965-69 and had two tours.

I am a child of what has been called “The Greatest Generation” and a parent of Millennials. I have been a scientist, an educator and a public administrator. I have serious concerns about what is happening to our country.

What is happening to our country? We have, through our elective processes, put malevolent, malicious and mean people in positions of power over us. On a daily basis, we are witness to their egregious actions, and yet we stand, unbelieving, that what is happening to our republic is really occurring.

Our democratic institutions are under assault; our system of government is being perverted by a nativist, racist and pragmatic philosophy that insults our Constitution and its intentions.

I, we, wish to see our elected representatives stand for what America represents: decency, equality, fairness and the law that governs our wonderful country.

Michael Grigsby

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Shuttles needed

According to a recent article in the Tribune-Herald, Hilo is a prime destination for cruse ships. The volcano is the major draw, but beautiful old-town Hilo could be a destination, too. Unfortunately, the port is pretty far from town in a not-so-scenic area.

Why not offer more free, open-air shuttles patterned after the jeepneys of the Philippines? Oops, I forgot — the taxi lobby.

A tour bus rolls into Walmart instead. Too bad the Hilo stores won’t say, “We’re going to support tourism without governmental assistance.” Oh well.

Fred Fogel



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